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Garden Patios in Horsham and West Sussex

Patios can transform an ordinary garden space into a fun, vibrant or relaxing haven to suit the personal lifestyles of our Horsham and West Sussex customers. The landscape gardeners at Leyton Landscapes can design and construct patios in your preferred material choice. Homeowners with French or patio doors can have a suitable surface laid which will act as a natural extension between their living space and their garden space.


Garden patios are popular hard landscaping features and common around many homes in the Horsham area. The three main materials we use in the construction of patios are flagstones, block paving and pattern imprinted concrete. Each one provides a unique style of its own and delivers individual benefits for our valued West Sussex customers.


Flagstone Patios


The narrow-packed joints of flagstone patios help to produce a permeable surface where water can run away from your Horsham or West Sussex home into the drainage system or the water table. Earthy colour shades of blue, brown, grey and red create an organic style, and homeowners can opt for limestone, sandstone or slate as their material choices.


When flagstones are used to create patios, they provide a durable, slip-free surface and a low-maintenance solution that will last for many years to come.


Benefits include:


  • A more natural style and appearance
  • One of the most durable surfaces
  • Easy to lay dry for better permeability
  • Moss and grass can be grown between stones
  • Rich choice of natural colour variation


Block Paving Patios


Undoubtedly, block paving has emerged to become one of the most popular materials for use on garden patios in the current era. Most commonly manufactured using clay or concrete, this type of paving is laid in individual blocks. Patios, in most cases, take a square or rectangular shape but homeowners can choose between simple or intricate patterns.


Block paving patios are an ideal choice for projects in Horsham or West Sussex where future utility works are planned. Instead of having to uplift an entire surface, individual blocks can be taken up where ongoing work takes place and they can be easily laid again afterwards.


Benefits include:


  • Minimal ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Versatile in terms of colour and style
  • Exceptional kerb appeal and aesthetics
  • Environmentally-friendly and porous
  • Durable, functional and hardwearing
  • Easy uplift for replacing damaged blocks


Pattern Imprinted Concrete Patios


When it comes to versatility, our clients in the Horsham area will be nothing less than delighted with patios laid using pattern imprinted concrete. As well has having a multitude of colours to choose from through the use of dyes, homeowners can have the surfaces of patios stamped in unique patterns for a genuinely bespoke and personalised finish.


These patios are incredibly hardwearing, require little or no maintenance and allow for incredible design flexibility built on the aspirations of our satisfied customers.


Benefits include:


  • Less labour-intensive and cheap to install
  • Lasts longer than most patio surfaces
  • Very little ongoing maintenance needed
  • Increases property resale value
  • Allows for better design flexibility

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