Add Depth & Structure to Your Garden With Professional Brickwork & Stonewalling | Leyton Landscapes

Not every job we take on is as major as a brand new driveway, patio or deck designed and built from the ground up; oftentimes we attend to properties in Horsham and wider West Sussex to construct garden walls, or repair/maintain existing brickwork that’s showing its age.

Immaculate Brickwork

Looking to utilise brick walls, planters or features to improve your garden space? Leyton Landscapes has 17 years’ experience building, repairing and maintaining brickwork. We know how to work with brick to create durable, aesthetically appealing brick structures that are perfectly suit their intended purpose, and are skilled in techniques that can restore weathered brickwork to its former glory.

Sturdy Stonewalling

Natural stone walls can be a vital part of a garden’s overall design scheme, sectioning off certain areas, serving as part of a charming centrepiece, or providing a sense of depth and height. However, poorly constructed stone walls can both look sloppy and impact the success of your garden’s overall aesthetic, or even prove a dangerous hazard due to lack of structural integrity; the latter is especially so if you have young pets or children. So choose professionals for the job, like Leyton Landscapes. We can construct attractive stone walls to your specifications, out of high quality, locally sourced stone.

Spice up your garden with a natural stone wall or professionally delivered brickwork. Call Leyton Landscapes in Horsham on 01403 731 717 or 07594 971 255.