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Still weighing up the pros and the cons of investing a sum in your garden? Leyton Landscapes, the Horsham area’s favoured landscape gardeners, can help you should you decide to push ahead with a project. From the initial design stages, and figuring out how to incorporate soft features like turf, flowers, hedges and trees, alongside meticulously crafted manmade elements like patios and decking, to all the building work itself, we handle everything in house to ensure your dream garden is made a reality without compromise.


Below, we’ve run over a few of the reasons why it really pays to improve your garden. Should you be more interested in the work we carry out at the front of properties, installing brand new driveways, or you have a question regarding any of the other services detailed across this website, pick up the phone and call us on 01403 731717 or 07594 971 255.


5 Reasons to Invest in Your Garden


1. Increase Property Value – Perhaps the most common reason cited by Horsham residents enlisting the aid of our landscape gardeners, and it come as no surprise! Overhauling your outdoor space, either via new planting schemes (trees, flora, hedges) and turf, through implementing hard features such as patios, decking and fencing, or a combination of the two can add a significant sum onto the value of your property; this is especially the case if your current garden is uninspiring, tired, or simply doesn’t really communicate the character of your wider property. If you’re looking to squeeze the most out of property improvements, consider improving the front of your property, too – we also build driveways!


2. Add Living Space – With property prices in Horsham and the wider South East as expensive as they are, when you find yourself needing some extra room to move around in, it can be simply untenable to sticks and move; and on top of that, you might otherwise like your property and the area you live in. But turning an under-used garden into a living space you can enjoy year round, complete with decking or patios that allow you to comfortably entertain even when it’s a bit damp out, can prove a night and day difference. You’ll add attractive, functional square footage to use however you see fit.


3. Aid the Environment – As trained landscape gardeners, we know how to balance the manmade and natural within an outdoor space. Many Horsham residents want gardens that showcase biodiversity, attracting bees, birds and critters. By carefully selecting plants, hedges, trees and features which blend in with the wider local ecosystem, you can do just this! Not only are these gardens far more entertaining and tranquil than poorly designed gardens that completely ignore biodiversity, but you can rest assured you’re doing your bit for Mother Nature, providing a home for the essential players who keep our air clean, and our environments populated.


4. Mental Health – People often forget how effective a lovely garden space can be in reducing stress and anxiety, and fighting depression – issues that really are an epidemic stoked by the challenges of modernity. Relaxing on patios or decking, or lying out on the grass on a sunny day, are a great way to clear your head while you breathe in clean air and listen to the ambient sounds of nature all around you.

To discuss the vision you have for your space with our friendly, proven landscape gardeners, pick up the phone and call Horsham’s Leyton Landscapes on 01403 731717 or 07594 971255.

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Leyton Landscapes welcome enquires relating to garden maintenance and soft landscaping. Our company lays driveways and patios as part of our hard landscaping services.  Our landscape gardeners, located in Southwater, cover Horsham and the surrounding West Sussex area to meet the needs of domestic and commercial customers.

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